Maitland Smith

If you want to decorate your home with furniture from the finest brand, then Maitland Smith is the name you should remember for many years to come. Only people with a distinctive and classy taste in furniture know how important it is to get quality products made from the finest wood. Maitland Smith offers such a wide range of furniture that you need not ever worry about where to purchase a particular piece of d├ęcor. If you have something in mind, you can rest assured that you would find it here without a doubt.

Maitland Smith offers dining room furniture that is to die for. If you love formal designs for your house, then you would know exactly what to buy when you visit this store. They have tables that have been carved from scratch and with great attention to detail. Only the finest craftsmen work on these items which is why you would find it a great privilege to own these items of furniture. There are tables that are made of the finest quality wood such as oak, ebony and mahogany among others.

Maitland Smith

There are dining tables from Maitland Smith which you would be completely taken by. These designs are beautiful as well as sophisticated and they would definitely add a touch of class to your house. There are dining tables which come with a pedestal as well as those with a double pedestal. As far as the shape is concerned, Maitland Smith offers you a large variety there as well. You can choose from round, oval, square and rectangular table tops. There are also different kinds of finishing such as leather worked tables which are very much in demand.

Maitland Smith also grants you the chance to transform your bedroom into a modern day boudoir which is fit for a king or queen. There are antique mahogany beds which have been carved with skill and care. Here are also dressers and medicine cabinets which you can purchase from Maitland Smith which would match the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. You would be amazed to see the beautiful designs on the dressing tables that are available here. With such attractive furniture, you would never want to leave your house.

Of course, the most important room in any house is the living room, which is where your visitors are entertained. Maitland Smith offers the best of the best when it comes to fine living room furniture. They have rustic and colonial style furniture which would take your breath away. You can find cabinets with exquisite carvings and the details on these carvings would stun you. Maitland Smith provides metal work which may include silver, gold, wrought-iron and many more.

For hose who are interested in unique designs, there are breathtaking console tables which are offered by Maitland Smith. You can find contemporary designs here and blend in the classic with the modern. With Maitland Smith, you can create a living space which is truly beautiful and every visitor would be left speechless.


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